Access TLC Caregivers: When Those You Love Need TLC.

We have been providing the finest Non Medical Home Care in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties for 20 years. Our Caregivers are dedicated to improving your lifestyle at home, and you can count on us when your loved ones need TLC.

Personal Care Assistance

When an elderly loved one has a limited range of motion it is difficult for them to take care of themselves. Combing their hair, shaving and brushing their teeth are just some tasks that they may be having trouble with.

Housekeeping Services

Senior Citizens who no longer have the energy to keep up with their household chores can benefit from having a Caregiver who can attend to light housekeeping tasks.


Seniors are not as prone to stepping out of the house as they get older. Many of them rely on visitors to socialize and seek companionship. Companionship is correlated to their health and overall well being.

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